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Dentures at Nancy Shiba, DDS Tooth loss is not an easy thing to have to deal with because it often means difficulty eating food, speaking properly, and even a reluctance to smile. The most serious change that comes with tooth loss is a domino effect of negative oral health issues. For this reason, when our patients experience tooth loss we recommend considering tooth replacement right away. Tooth replacement options like dental implants and dentures can help to restore the form and function of lost teeth and give you back the confidence to smile.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a removable prosthetic device that is made to look, feel, and act just like your real teeth. They are made of a special plastic material that mimics both the crowns of your teeth and a portion of your gums, to give a natural look to your mouth. Dentures are often held in place by a special denture adhesive that is applied every morning when you put them in your mouth. Dentures can help you to eat as you did when you had teeth.

Having Dentures Made For You

When you decide to have dentures made, we will start by making an impression of your mouth. We will use this impression to build a custom-made, custom-fit denture for you. We will send the impression to our dental lab, where it will be crafted. Once crafted, the dental lab will send us your dentures, and we will see how they fit. We will make minor alterations to the dentures to ensure that they are comfortable and fit properly in your mouth. At that point, the dentures are yours! It’s a simple and affordable procedure that we are certain will improve your quality of life tremendously.

Denture Care

Dentures require some special care considerations. It is important to remove your dentures before you go to sleep every night. You will need to clean them at least once a day. To clean your dentures, you will need a special denture brush, which is quite a bit softer than a regular toothbrush. Regular toothbrushes should never be used to clean dentures, as their bristles can damage and scratch the surface of the dentures. Dentures should always be stored in fluid overnight, or when you remove them from your mouth. They can be stored in tap water, or a denture solution.

Alternative Tooth Replacement Options

Dentures are a great way to replace teeth affordably. Dental implants offer a permanent tooth replacement options with fewer hassles and more long-term health benefits. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, and even a full arch of missing teeth while simultaneously improving your oral health. Because dental implants are surgically placed into the bone of your jaw, they help to fight bone loss in the jaw and give you added stability while chewing your favorite foods.

Regardless of what tooth replacement option you choose, at Nancy Shiba, DDS we want to make sure you have options! Please call us today at (408) 929-8991 to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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