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Dr. Shiba and her staff want to ensure you that your health is our highest priority. Our commitment to your safety is the foundation of our care.
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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screenings in San Jose provided by at

Oral cancer ribbon.During your annual dental examination with Nancy Shiba, DDS, we will examine your entire oral cavity as part of our oral cancer screening. We understand that your oral health is a culmination of many aspects, it’s about so much more than just cavities, including spotting anything unusual or that we feel requires additional examination. At Nancy Shiba, DDS our staff cares about your whole dental health and we, including Nancy Shiba, DDS, will take note of those areas of trouble, examine potential problems, and then make recommendations based on your needs, which may include further examination.

At Nancy Shiba, DDS we have incorporated an orofacial cancer screening as part of every routine dental exam for our patients. The importance of catching problems early is significant. It improves the patient’s long term treatment course, and provides the patient a greater chance for being able to repair and restore their health. An oral cancer screening is for us to identify any possible signs of mouth related cancer early.

How is the oral cancer screening done?

You may be surprised at just how simple an oral cancer screening is. It is a fast and painless examination, performed by Nancy Shiba, DDS. We will visually inspect, sometimes with a probe in hand, all areas of your head, neck, and mouth. The examination is to look for anything that appears to be unusual, new or different, or just out of the ordinary, whether in size, shape or texture. These changes may signal to indications of cancer, or possible precancerous conditions.

While examining, we are looking for:

•  Any growths, they may be small or large, raised or under the skin

•  Any hard lumps or bumps, a hard mass or knot

•  Any lesion or sores that the patient indicates has been unable to heal, or is continuously re-opening

•  Areas of rough patches, or places where the skin has changed in texture

•  Spots where the patient has indicated long term and unexplained soreness or tenderness that does not seem to stop or heal

•  An outbreak of red or white spots, particularly if they have not seemed to heal or go away on their own

•  Areas of numbness, this may be in your lips or in other areas of your mouth

•  If the patient is experiencing a sudden difficulty with swallowing, or they may be feeling a lump in their throat or a tightening of their throat

•  Any unusual growths, lumps, or pain that has seemed to come on suddenly

•  Lumps or patches that are of unusual size, shape or color

While examining for oral cancer, we take a look at the entire head and neck area. This will include your neck, throat, lymph nodes, jaw, chin, cheeks, lips, tongue, and the soft and hard palate. Nancy Shiba, DDS will visually inspect all of your soft tissues and supporting bone. An oral cancer screening is done for the entire oral cavity, including face, neck, and head.

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Oral Cancer Screenings in San Jose, CA
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