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Logo of BioclearBioclear is a fantastic system to treat aesthetic problems of the front teeth. It is a third alternative in tooth restoration following covering the tooth with a dental veneer or crown, or using dental bonding material. Bioclear allows us to renew, correct and improve the look of the tooth without the step of tooth grinding, while still using a strong, durable material.

Our team at Nancy Shiba, DDS is excited to offer our patients a new treatment option to rejuvenate and perfect a tooth without the need to cause severe alterations to the original tooth structure. Using Bioclear veneers allows us to treat the tooth while conserving all of the natural tooth structure, which is a huge advantage over traditional veneer methods. Our patients love Bioclear veneers because they are minimally invasive and they won't damage the original tooth beneath.

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is different from traditional veneer systems. Instead of applying a premade shell, we create a form right over your tooth and then build the veneer in place. Our forms are super thin, as thin as a human hair, so there is no need to grind or decrease the size of the original tooth. The end result is a completely customized restoration that is built in our office to fit you, not in a lab. The end result is a color-matched, strong tooth covering that doesn't leave the original tooth vulnerable or exposed.

How does Bioclear work?

We create your Bioclear veneer in place. It is fully customized in color, sizing and aesthetic enhancements. We begin with removing all biofilm from the tooth. This is a meticulous process that also involves moving gum tissue around to get to all of the nooks and crannies. We may apply a special agent to help us locate all biofilms, including microscopic stickiness, and ensure that the tooth is incredibly clean. This process will help the filler adhere better.

Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, we then begin to build the form using a mylar material. The form is the mold that we will then set the composite material in when ready. The form is thin but will allow us to add the strong layer between the tooth and form. After the tooth is coated in the form, or mold, we can then begin to inject the warm composite resin material to fill the space. This material is different from regular tooth filler, as it is designed to provide the strength and longevity needed to coat the entire tooth. The composite being placed is very strong and designed to withstand the pressure of regular use. Before the process is completed, we then harden the material using an ultraviolet light. Finally, the new Bioclear veneer is polished to give it that pearly look and help it blend with your neighboring teeth. The end result is a strong, beautiful, natural looking tooth.

Before: Amanda's Case
Before image of Amanda gets BioClear treatment at Nancy Shiba, DDS

After: Amanda's Case
After image of Amanda got BioClear treatment at Nancy Shiba, DDS

Your new Bioclear veneer adds a layer to the face of the tooth that increases the thickness of the tooth, increases the tooth's resistance to disease, and is resistant to staining. This is all completed without grinding the original tooth structure.

Our patients are excited about this new advancement in dental veneers. We can provide a perfected look in one appointment, often for less money that a traditional veneer would cost. Best of all, we keep your natural tooth intact making this process a less invasive procedure.

If you are interested in Bioclear, give Nancy Shiba, DDS a call at (669) 306-7669 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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