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Top Three Reasons to Avoid Sports Drinks

Posted on 5/30/2017 by Adam Bartlett
An orange sports drink bottle.
A lot of people drink sports drinks due to the misconception that the drinks are healthy. Unfortunately, they are only healthy for a select few individuals, and they are bad in some ways to everyone who drink them.

If you work out for hours upon hours a day, then you should consider a sports drink to replace all of what your body loses in those workouts. However, if you don't, then you are doing more harm than good by drinking them.

What Sports Drinks Can Do

No matter who drinks them, sports drinks are dangerous to the teeth. They change the pH in the mouth, and cause acid around the teeth, which then leads to tooth decay. This is the main reason everyone should avoid them and use alternatives, such as coconut water and tea, instead.

When you fill your body with sugar after a workout, it only screws with your body instead of actually helping it. Plus, if you put the sugar into your mouth, it can promote more of the bacteria that hurt your teeth and feed them while they do it.

Drinking sports drinks puts diluted, processed salt into your system as a way to replace the electrolytes. If you were to make your own drink and use natural, unprocessed forms of salt, you could easily replenish far more of the electrolytes and vitamins lost with much less damage to your body as a whole.

If you still want to drink sports drinks, then make sure that you see your dentist regularly and they know that you often drink these drinks. They will have to watch closely for signs of acid erosion, and see what they can do to help protect your teeth from decay and sensitivity. Contact our office today!

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