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Does It Really Hurt When You Chew on Ice to Cool Off?

Posted on 7/24/2017 by Nancy Shiba DDS Office
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Are you the type of person who likes grabbing an ice cube out of your drink and chewing on it? If so, you could be causing damage to your teeth. Chewing on ice is dangerous because of multiple reasons. If you regularly do this, you could suffer from premature tooth loss and it could cause you to not have the functionality of your original teeth. Here are some of the dangers associated with chewing on ice.

Reasons Not to Chew on Ice

Ice is hard, and as such, puts a lot of pressure on your teeth when you chew on it. This can cause your teeth damage by wearing down your enamel, and by cracking the enamel. Since the enamel is relatively thin on your teeth, it can crack from the pressure, especially when it is super-chilled.

Chewing on ice has been known to increase a tooth's sensitivity as well. If you already have sensitive teeth, you certainly don't want to worry about making that worse by a bad habit. It is best that you quit chewing on the ice and give your mouth a chance to heal up.

Ice also splinters sometimes when you chew on it. This means that you could wind up with bits and pieces of ice in your gums or in your cheeks. Not only will this hurt, but it can also cause a significant amount of damage to your oral tissues.

To find out more about how much damage ice could cause your mouth, ask your dentist during your next visit. They can explain to you just how much danger you could face by this little habit. Talk to them about any other habits you may have that could damage your teeth, like chewing on toothpicks, and see if they should be stopped at the same time. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (408) 929-8991.

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