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Your Teeth Need You to Eat Lots of Fiber for Good Health - Here's Why

Posted on 6/20/2017 by Nancy Shiba DDS Office
A collection of fruits and vegetables beside each other full of fiber.
When you think of digestive health, you think of fiber, right? But do you think about it when it comes to having a healthy mouth? More than likely, it doesn't really occur to you. It is true, though! Along with keeping your digestive track healthy and strong, it also does wonders for your teeth as well, especially as you age.

What Happens?
Most significantly, it can help prevent tooth loss! In fact, as you age, if you eat fiber rich diets filled with leafy greens, grains, berries, and peanuts, your chances of losing teeth can drop by as much as 30%.

It also has a positive impact on receding gums and jaw erosion. An increased fiber intake can also help you to lose weight, which means better overall health as well. In fact, nearly a third of childhood tooth decay patients are obese.

With obesity comes higher plaque, almost hands down. However, just having fiber bars and protein powder are not going to get you the fiber that you need in order to have the healthiest smile that you can. It is essential that you eat healthy foods such as those listed above, and pair them with plenty of water.

Talking to both your dentist and your doctor can benefit you as you are on track for a better overall existence as both your oral and general well-being rise. Working with them both will give you an idea of how to plan it perfectly so that you have exactly the right intake to help you out in every aspect.

Come on at any time and we can help you find a solution that would work best for you, and give you more information on the benefits that you can get from adding some more fiber to your diet.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about fibers effects on your smile.

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