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Is Gum Disease Draining Your Energy?

Posted on 4/20/2017 by Nancy Shiba DDS Office
A patients mouth suffering from gum disease.
Are you feeling run down and tired all the time? If so, you might schedule an appointment with your doctor, but have you ever thought to visit your dentist to see if something going on in your mouth could be the cause?

More studies are often pointing to the fact that gum disease can affect the way that we feel in general, and failure to treat gum problems could affect your overall health state.

How Can Gum Disease Affect Your Energy Level

The top reason that gum disease could affect your energy level is by causing and contributing to the symptoms of other diseases and conditions:

•  Infection. The gums are rich in blood vessels, and when gum disease is present, the blood vessels become a simple way to transport infections in different parts of the body. The longer that you have gum disease, the more likely it is that the infection can start to affect other organs and cause you to feel worn out and tired.
•  Diabetes. Studies have found a connection between gum disease and diabetes, including research at the University of Buffalo. This study found that when gum disease is treated, diabetics experienced a 10% reduction in their glycated hemoglobin levels.
•  Stroke and heart disease. Studies have shown that gum disease can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Symptoms of heart disease include fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, weakness, and numbness in the arms and legs.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Preventing gum disease and feelings of illness and fatigue start at home, as prevention is crucial. You'll need to brush and floss your teeth regularly and have professional cleanings a minimum of once every six months.

Prevention of gum disease can take some major steps toward maintaining a healthy mouth, healthy organs, and the entire body.

Please contact us if you have any questions about gum disease.

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