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When Should I Bring My Baby for A Dental Visit?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Nancy Shiba DDS
When Should I Bring My Baby for A Dental Visit?If you want to ensure that your kid achieves proper dental wellness, you have to ensure that proper dental care starts early. Many parents wait until when it is too late, and their children have dental problems that they bring them to the clinic. However, you should bring your child to our dentist's office as soon as the first tooth erupts from their gums. You should not have to wait until your child has tooth decay or cavity to bring them to the clinic. Our dentists advise against this, as it can spell serious trouble for your child's dental health.

Why Is It Important for Early Dental Visits for Your Child

Many parents have the wrong perception that they can wait for their child's permanent teeth to develop so that they can bring them to the clinic. However, the primary teeth have a significant role to play in the proper dental health as your child grows. Primary teeth pave the way for permanent teeth to grow into. Therefore, when the baby's teeth become impacted, they could impact negatively the growth and development of the permanent teeth.

When you bring your child to our facility as soon as the first primary tooth emerges, our dentists can begin preventive and corrective treatment procedures that will ensure the proper growth and development of your child's teeth.

Contact US for Pediatric Dental Services

We have a dedicated and passionate team of pediatric dental experts who can assist you in providing maximum care for your kid. You can call us to book an appointment to make sure that your child achieves maximum oral health. We have a colorful pediatric department that your child will love, as you start the journey of having optimal oral health for your child.

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