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What Causes Sudden Toothache

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Nancy Shiba DDS
What Causes Sudden ToothacheToothache is among the most common oral conditions and is a discomfort that can become very painful, even spreading to other parts of the body such as the ears and neck. Therefore, it is essential to know the causes that cause toothache and the treatments to combat it. Specific causes of sudden toothaches include:

Gum Diseases

They are mainly caused by bacterial plaque that causes redness and bleeding of the gums. In other cases, it may affect the bone tissue that supports the tooth causing the bone that surrounds it to be lost, which will end with the loss of the tooth hence causing severe pain.

Inflammation of Other Areas

Swelling around the areas that connect with the oral cavity may result in discomfort that causes pain in the molars. These inflammations can bring severe pain to the oral alignment. Furthermore, such inflammation includes the maxillary sinus, an infection of the paranasal sinuses.

Tooth Sensitivity

Most toothaches are a result of tooth sensitivity. It's an acute pain within a short duration and is mainly caused by chemical, thermal or tactile stimuli. Tooth sensitivity occurs as a result of enamel abrasion bruxism,

Infections, Diabetes, and Coronary Heart Disease

Some diseases can affect the immune system and cause the appearance of infectious oral problems. Individuals should seek medical assistance whenever there is pain or any condition that is not normal in the mouth.

However, diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions can cause gum diseases that express themselves as painful toothaches. Furthermore, an individual with diabetes has a high risk of developing periodontal diseases because diabetes affects the inflammatory ability to fight microorganisms within the gum, causing pain to the teeth.

In general, not all toothaches are a result of oral problems. Some cases are caused by other diseases occurring within the body system. Therefore, in addition to dental checkups. It's necessary to see medical professionals in other medical fields receive a successful diagnosis.

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